Getting Started - Class Owners

Note: This article applies to Class Owners only. If you are an Instructor/Associate, please click here. If you are a Customer of a location using My Fit Pro, please click here.

You've received your "Welcome to My Fit Pro" email and you're ready to get started. Follow these steps below and you'll be streaming with My Fit Pro in no time!

  1. Announce My Fit Pro to your Instructors & Customers
    Prepare your team and clients for an upcoming change to their streaming method. Just give them a heads up (and possibly a target date) on when classes will begin streaming with My Fit Pro.

  2. Set your Class Owner Password.
    Do not share this password with your associates or customers. This is only to be used by you to manage your account.
  3. Set your Class Password.
    This is the password you will share with your associates and customers to access your live classes.
  4. Optionally create any Temporary Password.
    Not required for initial setup.
  5. Send the details to your Instructors & Associates.
    For those that need to stream and view comments, send them an email with the following information:

    1. Setup Instructions:
    2. Class Page
    3. Class Password (for example: ilovetodance10)
    4. Stream URLs and Keys
  6. Setup your Instructors & Associates.
    Following the link above with the setup instructors to ensure all team members are set to go.
  7. Schedule a Test Class.
    Send an email (and/or post to your locations private Facebook Group) the link to the Class Page and the Class Password.

    The link to the generic customer instructions page is: 

  8. Go Live!
    Once you've had your test class, worked through any hiccups or issues, you're set to go! 

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